About Me

      What better way to get to know me than read my past ?

   Perhaps like you, I would come home from my work and go on the internet to try and figure out how these people are making all this money – and how I can stay home and do very little each day and have virtually unlimited income , in effect be lazy and RICH . I began this venture in 2002 simply gathering information and looking at the opportunities that were presented. I really began to try and make money in 2005 . I purchased product after product – I finally figured out I could not do this alone , so I joined a coaching program 5 years later and got my first mentor , a mentor is simply a coach ,someone who has a online business and knows how to run it successfully . I needed someone to show me how to create and manage an online business.

   The first coach I had used a video teaching technique . You paid to join his members area and watched videos . In the videos he explain and showed how to get a domain name , hosting , and how to make a website. All was interesting and useful if that was all you wanted to know. – So here I am with a website – nothing to sell but I did have a website. If you had a question you could send an email to him – most of the time , 90% , I did not get a reply, if I did he simply replied to watch a certain video again as this was talked about in that video. After one year it was time to move on – after much time and money was spent.

   The next coaching program I paid for was better – he actually answered his e-mails and replied within 24 hours – unless he was out of town. I learned alot from this person – how to actually create and market products. You are probably thinking what I thought – I do not know what product to create . What is a product – sounds like it involves much work ! Software creation how the heck do I create that! How do I……….. Thousands of questions and complicating this a million times over !!!!! There is a very simple definition for a product – he explained – any information in written form such as an e-book , in oral form – such as a video , or something as complicated as an automobile . Think of everything for sale as products – any service , any piece of furniture , any book you read – you get the idea. It was then that I actually wrote 5 e-books . I did no research as everything I wrote I did . I lost 40 pounds at one time – I simply explained how I gained them and then what I did to lose them .

                   Time to move on as my products were done .

  My next coach was also very helpful – showing how , through his video courses , to brand yourself , traffic methods ,writing follow up emails and how to get them to display and send correctly . He also had a live session once a week for people he coached where he would answer questions from you . He also coached people who paid 5 thousand dollars each – so of course he would favor them over us as we only paid 2 thousand , understandable.

On to my present mentor

        I actually learned about Dean Holland through my previous coach , Alex Jeffrys.  As I was watching a video Alex had in his membership area about his inner circle group ( those that paid 5 thousand dollars yearly) Dean Holland was one of those people . I found out many things about Dean before I decided to contact him about      mentor-ship. There are many videos about him on YouTube . Since we both have had Alex Jeffrys as a mentor , that was also a good sign for me.

          Dean now has his own business called INTERNET PROFITS —                              IPRO   for short.

                        In 2015 his business did over ONE Million Dollars !

After 12 years online and thousands spent on memberships and more useless products than I care to remember – I have found a coach ( mentor as they are known) that I like and am happy with.

This is JM Whitehead –  have fun and change your life for the better